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Hello beauties!

Hope you enjoyed Christmas holidays and year 2017. It was a huge year for me in terms of traveling and exploring new products. I have been traveling with my husband since the end of 2016 till mid-2017, sailing countries to countries ( advantage of being a merchant navy’s wife ;p).

So, this blog is yearly round up of my favorite beauty products in 2017 which I will buy again and again ( some discovered in 2016 as well). I know, in a year products changes month to month, depending on the seasons and what’s trending new. But in this post, I mentioned only those products which I will not switch, irrespective of months, seasons, trends, whatsoever. These are my, all-time favorite products which I have been using for the last couple of years. I skipped some categories, as there is no ultimate favorite in every category for eg. Lip Liner, Anyway I am not a fan of lip liners and may because of that I couldn’t find also any favorite one…lols. I am going to write a detailed review of some products listed below in my upcoming blogs. So, stay tuned!

Hope you guys will enjoy reading it.

Before jumping to the topic let me tell you my skin type. I have dry-combination skin, and its very sensitive. It tends to get oily on my t-zone. I also have pigmentation problems. Somedays I get acne due to hormonal imbalance specifically during that time of the month! So, without further due, lets get started with products which helping me to overcome mentioned skin problems.

#1. Clinic Take the day of Balm

End of 2016 while I was in UK, I discovered cleansing balm and benefits of using it. Clinique’s Take The Day Of Cleansing Balm is my first ever cleansing balm that I used and immediately fell in love with this. Believe me, I can swear by this product anytime. Though it is my first ever cleansing balm, I don’t think I will switch to any other cleansing balms. Everything about this is so GOOD. It is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES. Will defiantly write a short review on this soon.

#2. Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean

This is a Foaming cleanser and also work as a purifying mask. I know, having a dry skin, I should kinda stay away from foaming cleansers as they make skin lil bit dry.  But believe me when I use this cleanser, it makes my skin feels so refreshed and deeply clean. The days when I go on bike rides or travelling by auto rickshaw (you can understand the pollution in Mumbai  :X) those days I use this cleanser and it literally makes me believe that all the dirt has been washed off of my face.

#3. Kaya  Skin Clinic’s Daily Pore Minimising Toner

I am on my 5th bottle I guess or maybe 6th. I LOVE this product. This is an alcohol free toner which minimises pores as well as evens skin tone. But the reason behind loving this product is, it removes dirt or leftover makeup even after deep cleansed face wash. Try this product and I promise, you won’t regret buying it!!!! Its quite affordable too.

#4. Lotus Herbals SAFE SUN Skin Lightning Anti-Tan Sunblock SPF 30 UVB

Like Kaya’s toner, this is another product which I will never stop buying. Lotus has many sunscreens but this one in particular gets sold out so quickly that its always out of stock. This time I bought 3 Tubes together…heheheh! It contains Lime blossom and Kiwi extract. I use it only on face. It is good for my skin type i.e dry . I don’t know how it would work on oily skin. People who are looking for less SPF like 30 , this is the best option available. Would not recommend for people who are more or continues exposed to the sunlight.

#5. Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder

I was upset when I heard that Bourjois is no more available in India. While I was in UK, I bought this powder and since then I bought it twice and finished with second one also. I bought it just to apply over my T-zone as it has mattifying properties but I started covering my whole face with it. A compact powder along with mattifying gives a fresh glow to the skin and fairly good coverage and that too in so much affordable price. What else you need. I used it in my daily makeup routine. So next time I will visit UK, this is my definite buy.

#6. L’Oreal Paris brow artist Plumper

Most of us Indian girls are blessed with good eyebrows. I have fairly good brows. So I generally don’t buy eyebrow products. But this product is something different. Discovered this while I was in UK. I use it just to give define look to my brows and use it daily. Trust me it is a nice product to set your brows daily and looks so natural. I don’t think it is available in India. I bought my second one while I was in France. So, really eagerly waiting L’Oreal to launch it in India. Let me know whether it is already here.   

#7. Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm

As I mentioned most products I discovered when I was travelling. Again, Burt’s Bees is one of them too. Beeswax is riced with Vitamin E which is your best friend to hydrate skin. This lip balm not only hydrates lips , it also nourishes it and keep it soft and healthy looking. It comes in different flavours. The only sad part is, it doesn’t have SPF in it. So, I use it for my night skincare routine. This is a best of lip balms available. Try for sure!  

And there you guys have it! My ultimate favorite beauty products for 2017. Let me know if you guys try any of these items!

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