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I believe everyone’s life is an adventure & full of discoveries, mine as well. There is nothing different about my life too. I am just a woman like you who is passionate about makeup, skincare & anything related to beauty world and gives reviews based off of her own experiences. I’m also pretty passionate about fitness and also being a merchant navy’s wife I get to experience some travel adventures. Then why this blog?? All of us know, the online world is a magical world. It opens up so many different doors & allows us to reach a different set of people sharing the same interest as yours, like blogging. So, I decided to enter into this magical world to share my love for beauty, lifestyle & Travel.

So, here I am, My name is Sonal Anchan and I am proud MBA Home Maker ( If that sounds Classy :p) I wish I could say, I am a stylist or a beauty expert or a writer. I am not a professional make-up artist or dermatologist but what I am is, I am a quick learner. I love studying, testing & reviewing products and trying new beauty techniques. My thirst for knowledge is never ending and maybe that’s why, when I write any post I do considerate amount of ground research first. Although I have done Masters in Marketing, I am not gonna use all those Marketing talks here. In my post, you will find all honest reviews & my own experiences. This blog is my tool for storytelling all the adventures and new discoveries in the world of beauty & lifestyle and I hope you will join me in this journey as I am beyond excited to share this journey with you.

I am completely new to writing a blog. I just started it to share my personal experience and my views online. So, please let me know if you have any suggestions or tips for a brand new aspiring blogger like me! Thank You!